The award-winning LinmiR Millinery presents the ready-to-wear Olivia headwear and accessories that is handcrafted to bespoke uniquenes. The headwear and accessories range from children's elastic bands to wedding crowns. This means that from Olivia Headwear you will be able to find something for every occasion; whether it is for a chic business look at the office, or a fancy one for a night out. All the items are all handmade, so your uniqueness will be yours alone as no two items will be the same.

Olivia Headwear & Accessories was developed the Olivia headband range that 


About LinmiR Millinery

LinmiR Millinery is a product of Linda Mirembe's free time engagement after she signed up for hat-making lessons with a professional milliner when she relocated from Sweden to London. LinmiR's first public showcase came in 2011 when she showcased at the Young Designer and Crafts/Radical Awards

Contact Us:

Linda Mirembe
Creative Director
Tel: (+44) 020 8406 9459
Mob: (+44+ 079 3289 4433

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